Changing Table Cover

Changing a Baby’s DIaper: Changing Table Cover, Changing Stations, and More

The Changing Station


The first step in setting up a changing table is to choose what area of the baby nursery you want to set it up. It is important that you choose an area for the changing table that is easily accessible and safe. You need to take into consideration the best posture for you when you change the baby so if you are going to be standing, you need a changing table that is a good height where you can change the baby without it being too high or without you hunching over. There are many options on how to do this: you can buy a changing table specially or you can place a changing pad on a dresser that has the desired height. Using a dresser is an added advantage because it means you would have sufficient storage space for all the necessities you would be needing. If you choose to use a changing table, make sure you get one with drawers and storage spaces. Always ensure that the area designated for changing diapers is safe, sturdy and clean for baby.

Changing Table Cover

Changing Table Cover


You need a changing table cover (preferably a waterproof one) to use over the changing table. One of the things you need in a baby nursery is a changing table and to use a changing table you need a Changing Table Cover.  Changing tables themselves are typically coated in plastic and they might be too cold and uncomfortable for baby’s delicate skin. Though some changing tables can be used without a Changing Table Cover, it is advisable to always use a changing table cover. That way if there is a stain or a spill (which is bound to happen) the changing table cover can we washed and replaced. In addition to a Changing Table Cover, there are other things that are needed in a baby room and around a changing table. Below we talk about what goes into setting up a changing stand or changing station.


Supplies and Storage


There a few necessities you would need to set up beside your changing table. If you use a dresser as the base of your changing table, then you can use the drawers to store them. If not, then you can get a basket to keep these items. It’s important that you keep the supplies within arms reach because you can never leave a baby alone on a  changing table. The baby would most likely roll off the table and get injured. Keep everything within reach and if anything is out of reach, get someone to bring it to you or take the baby with you to get it. Some of the essentials you would need at a changing table station are diapers, wipes, washcloths, onesies (change of clothes), diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer (for you after changing), a toy to distract the baby with, and a dirty diaper pail to store dirty diapers. Place everything you need close at hand before you put the baby down on the changing table.

Changing Pad

Changing Table Cover

A changing pad is what goes on a changing table and what goes underneath a changing table cover. A changing pad usually comes in the form of a small mattress. Changing pads do have added features and you should look out for them when buying and factor it into your buying decision. For example, some changing pads come in a deep contoured shape and this helps keep the baby better in shape. Other changing pads have straps that you can use to strap the baby in like a seatbelt. Some come with an extra covering that can be removed or washed and some changing pads are waterproof.


Anyone expecting a baby needs to stock up on diapers. Yes, it is an obvious necessity but its still worth mentioning. There are different options for diapers. Parents can get reusable cloth diapers, disposable diapers, pull-ups and diapers of different sizes. Diapers should be stocked sufficiently in the changing station and around the house. So say you have a changing station in the nursery and its stocked with diapers, it helps to still leave a pail of diapers and wipes in the living room, behind, the couch, in your bedroom and of course store some diapers and wipes in your diaper bag. This is to ensure that a diaper is always within reach when you need one which will be often. Say you are in the living room having some family time, if you need to change the baby, you do not need to get up and head to the baby nursery if you have some changing supplies stored behind the couch.


Baby Wipes

Changing Table Cover

Baby wipes have been mentioned repeatedly through this article but I think they need to be mentioned properly. The truth is wipes are always mentioned as a secondary item, or not emphasized on enough. The fact is you cannot properly and conveniently change a baby without wipes. You need wipes to clean the baby and clean any poop or pee residue before putting on the new diaper. You could also wash the baby whenever you change their diaper,  but this is added hassle for you and the baby and is quite impossible to do when you are out of the house or in a public space.